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Mixed Bag: Internet, Digital Economy... Marketing?

Businesses today are trying to grasp an understanding of the internet and what it can do to help them reach their potential. Like the little nerd that I am, I went to a talk this week held by the federal government broadband initiative, about 'future of the digital economy'. There were business people there trying to see what they can milk out of this presentation, but I don't think anyone got much out of it, including me. I expected ideas for eCommerce, show and tell of the companies that are leading the digital economy and little 'crystal ball' moments regarding customer service revolution via the W's. However, it plateaued after he started talking about linking systems, measuring broadband quality and hit rock bottom when the topic sank into measuring traffic conditions and controlling cars... what the heck?

It wasn't all bad though, I got the gist of what they future holds for the internet, but digital economy? not so much. Other than 'internet is going to be in our lives forever and we better get use to it'. Highlighted in this talk were the urgent and 'must-have' for the building of Australia's broadband network, with a hint of KRudd propaganda (I didn't mind it, but some people walked out). Also, emerging trend of cloud computing, RFID Tags, and mobile content and applications. He also raised concerns over usability and user interface (UI) of future systems, in my minded I uttered, 'Market Research and Design! the answer'. There's no doubt transition into a digital economy is the logical next step for Australian businesses but the challenge would be convincing companies to throw in a few million dollars to get on the band wagon. Doubts are born from time and money spent on integrating systems and onotology... long way to go it seems.

But I had stuff I wanted to find out!..more marketing related, even though this was a tech talk, I got inspired nevertheless. So I went looking for it when I got home and I thought I'd share it. It's not so much about the 'digital economy' but something that businesses should pay attention to, in terms of communicating with a growing, internet-bound society. The integration between life and virtual presence, community and online interaction, we can't ignore either identities. Whole new social codes are beginning emerge, and adaptation is inevitable. Understanding even just a fraction, would help transition into an eBusiness model, at the centre of course, is customers. Know them.

I found this great video, and it makes clear a few things.

(This was written out of impulse, courtesy of an array of influences that's pounded me this week. Hope it gets better now uni is nearly over, and that I've finally had some sleep)