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7 & an 8th Thing(s). Two Days. My life.

1. Searched For Inspiration: Creative Depart & Vince Frost Blog.

oh man... A typography room?!! That's sheets, pillows, painting on the wall... everything. I could die in there :)

2. Brainstorming & Mind-mapping on my closet: Working on something really really great with a bunch of aspiring young marketers. Job-hunting is going to hell for us so it's time to just do what we love.

3. Found a New YouTube Channel to watch: Check it here...

4. Learning jQuery: I want to kick butt at this.

5. Building the Travaganza Website: I'm loving every second of it <3

6. Celebrated Keely's 21st Birthday: Yes... that is me in a dress. Stoned bartender who made me extra strong mojito.

7. Job-hunting. I'm staying optimistic :) Immune to rejection, not taking anything personally. It's tough out there, I know.

8. Looking Forward to...: An awesome week to kick start the business plan (which I have put off for way too long), hopefully getting that lucky call, finishing the website and find new topic to post on here.

My parents are making their way here to Australia for my graduation in 4 days. They're making a big deal about it, but I really just want to get it over an done with. I have to clean the house to the 'I want to be able to eat off this floor' standard. Anyway... Graduating! Woohoo!

Classic, Self-Expressive Asian Ladies

Talking to a friend the other day, and for some reason, this classic ad for Yellowpages popped into my head... and I just started laughing by myself, same thing happen this morning in the shower. So I hunted it down and replayed it over and over. That's my attempt to cure my spontaneous laughing fits that seems to occur for no apparent reason, to others anyway.

It's old I know, but oh so good. I mean who can top 'Thai Harder'?

What I like about it, is that it tells a story, there is a progression and as audiences we're given characters to get to know. I love that. The two ladies are played to the stereotypical, self-expressive and over-the-top Asian ladies that bring about this memorable moment...

I'll take this opportunity to salute all self-expressing and 'take no shit from no one' cute Asian ladies. You've got to give them credit for having the guts to do what we often hesitate to do when reacting to injustice or situations of extreme, personal urgency.

Stereotypes unfortunately are, at most time, true. I mean, the 'rage' is totally relative to my mum when she's yelling at my dad cuz he is hungover. Don't worry, my family is normal like that, it's how we roll... ha.