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Short Film? Ad? No..?

Watch this!

Following the success of Underbelly, Victoria Tourism thought it might hit the iron while it’s hot and indulge on the fantasy of the Australian public, let’s lead a ‘double life’ it said. Ok, maybe not entirely, but that was my immediate connection in my search for meaning with this particular spot, and yes, I know, gangland warfare? Of all things Katie! *Sigh

Upon first viewing this ad I was torn in all directions, searching for the ‘right’ emotion to feel and cue of my next ‘action’ that is supposably the aim of any ad. But I was left stranded with the infectious A cappella tune echoing between my ears. ‘What double life?’ my brain squealed as the sexily soaked Isabel Lucas stared into the depth of my soul. Word ‘Daylesford’ fades into clarity. What the hell?

Beautifully shot, this ad had the hallmark of the indie, artsy and sultry signature of elegant Melbourne art direction. As a short film, it is most intriguing. Stalking the character as she switches between personas and engage in behaviours that might suggest she hosts a split personality or have bipolar. (Ah ha! there’s the ‘double life’ line finally clicking.)

What was mind-boggling to me was the juxtaposed scenarios. One flash she is an innocent village girl wondering through the dusty old road, golden fields and luscious woods. Then like Gretel having an acid trip, the girl turn into the child of Cruella De Vil and Angelina Jolie soaked in mysterious seduction. Off we go on the adventure where she digs her nails into a mini mountain of blueberries, hooks up with a guy and ends up at the bottom of the lake…(signifying spa)

I don’t know how effective this ad will be. All I can say is that it is an art in its own right and indeed, very Postmodern. Yes, the eternal debate. What makes an ad, an ad? And to where do we draw the line when it is no longer an ad but a mysterious short film that has alienated too many audiences with its ‘art-ness’ to maintain general appeal.

Com’on Victoria! We’ve gone through ‘Loose Yourself’ and ‘Lead a Double Life’, why can’t we just visit your state lucid? Don't get me wrong I am a fan of the two campaigns.

I have gone and Tweeted this ad as well as send it to a couple of people for feedback, here are some interesting ones:

Wiebe (Netherlands): Only Caucasian people in Victoria? In Netherlands you always see different races in promos.

Ella (Australia): I don’t know if it communicates tourism, but it makes me want to have sex in a pool.

Michelle (Australia): I found it beautiful and easy to appreciate artistically, but it was very disjointed somehow.

Tourism campaigns have always had two key components ‘unique, breathtaking scenery’ and ‘large audience appeal’… yep, that’s it. The fill-ins in between can range from using an internationally iconic character (Crocodile Dundee/ Paul Hogan) or very clever marketing strategy relating to distribution, pricing or partnered package deals. There is no doubt the recent success of ‘Best Job in the World’ has got every tourism-reliant state or country gunning to replicate the same scale of impact. Unfortunately, I think it was just a one hit wonder.

What we need to have our eyes on more than ever is how people consume communication material. What matters to them now? What makes them want to pass on your message?

The repetition of the same formula with different images slotted in, is getting stale. One thing I’ve noticed is that people like grappling on to anything that is weird, quirky and totally relative to them, in a secret way that no one knows. Stealth campaign perhaps? Poke fun at the everyday Joe who turns out to be extraordinary. Exploring how to sub-consciously affect their next holiday destination decision? You never know. Just don’t use any invasive pop-up, roll-over or ‘you have no choice but to sit through this crap while I use up your bandwidth’ ad, because I might just cross the state line and make the double life happen while I loose myself.

Information and strategy overview of this campaign can be found here: Click

7 & an 8th Thing(s). Two Days. My life.

1. Searched For Inspiration: Creative Depart & Vince Frost Blog.

oh man... A typography room?!! That's sheets, pillows, painting on the wall... everything. I could die in there :)

2. Brainstorming & Mind-mapping on my closet: Working on something really really great with a bunch of aspiring young marketers. Job-hunting is going to hell for us so it's time to just do what we love.

3. Found a New YouTube Channel to watch: Check it here...

4. Learning jQuery: I want to kick butt at this.

5. Building the Travaganza Website: I'm loving every second of it <3

6. Celebrated Keely's 21st Birthday: Yes... that is me in a dress. Stoned bartender who made me extra strong mojito.

7. Job-hunting. I'm staying optimistic :) Immune to rejection, not taking anything personally. It's tough out there, I know.

8. Looking Forward to...: An awesome week to kick start the business plan (which I have put off for way too long), hopefully getting that lucky call, finishing the website and find new topic to post on here.

My parents are making their way here to Australia for my graduation in 4 days. They're making a big deal about it, but I really just want to get it over an done with. I have to clean the house to the 'I want to be able to eat off this floor' standard. Anyway... Graduating! Woohoo!

Classic, Self-Expressive Asian Ladies

Talking to a friend the other day, and for some reason, this classic ad for Yellowpages popped into my head... and I just started laughing by myself, same thing happen this morning in the shower. So I hunted it down and replayed it over and over. That's my attempt to cure my spontaneous laughing fits that seems to occur for no apparent reason, to others anyway.

It's old I know, but oh so good. I mean who can top 'Thai Harder'?

What I like about it, is that it tells a story, there is a progression and as audiences we're given characters to get to know. I love that. The two ladies are played to the stereotypical, self-expressive and over-the-top Asian ladies that bring about this memorable moment...

I'll take this opportunity to salute all self-expressing and 'take no shit from no one' cute Asian ladies. You've got to give them credit for having the guts to do what we often hesitate to do when reacting to injustice or situations of extreme, personal urgency.

Stereotypes unfortunately are, at most time, true. I mean, the 'rage' is totally relative to my mum when she's yelling at my dad cuz he is hungover. Don't worry, my family is normal like that, it's how we roll... ha.

Mixed Bag: Internet, Digital Economy... Marketing?

Businesses today are trying to grasp an understanding of the internet and what it can do to help them reach their potential. Like the little nerd that I am, I went to a talk this week held by the federal government broadband initiative, about 'future of the digital economy'. There were business people there trying to see what they can milk out of this presentation, but I don't think anyone got much out of it, including me. I expected ideas for eCommerce, show and tell of the companies that are leading the digital economy and little 'crystal ball' moments regarding customer service revolution via the W's. However, it plateaued after he started talking about linking systems, measuring broadband quality and hit rock bottom when the topic sank into measuring traffic conditions and controlling cars... what the heck?

It wasn't all bad though, I got the gist of what they future holds for the internet, but digital economy? not so much. Other than 'internet is going to be in our lives forever and we better get use to it'. Highlighted in this talk were the urgent and 'must-have' for the building of Australia's broadband network, with a hint of KRudd propaganda (I didn't mind it, but some people walked out). Also, emerging trend of cloud computing, RFID Tags, and mobile content and applications. He also raised concerns over usability and user interface (UI) of future systems, in my minded I uttered, 'Market Research and Design! the answer'. There's no doubt transition into a digital economy is the logical next step for Australian businesses but the challenge would be convincing companies to throw in a few million dollars to get on the band wagon. Doubts are born from time and money spent on integrating systems and onotology... long way to go it seems.

But I had stuff I wanted to find out!..more marketing related, even though this was a tech talk, I got inspired nevertheless. So I went looking for it when I got home and I thought I'd share it. It's not so much about the 'digital economy' but something that businesses should pay attention to, in terms of communicating with a growing, internet-bound society. The integration between life and virtual presence, community and online interaction, we can't ignore either identities. Whole new social codes are beginning emerge, and adaptation is inevitable. Understanding even just a fraction, would help transition into an eBusiness model, at the centre of course, is customers. Know them.

I found this great video, and it makes clear a few things.

(This was written out of impulse, courtesy of an array of influences that's pounded me this week. Hope it gets better now uni is nearly over, and that I've finally had some sleep)

Advertising. Scrabble, making a comeback.

I should not be doing any kind of blogging at the moment but seriously... interesting links have been coming to me from 360 and I can't fend them off. Ha. But you know I've got something interesting when I post on here, and today, it's my favourite... Advertising!

Scrabble, like chess and many other board games are seen as outdated and almost ancient in the world of xboxes, Wii, and WOW. Obviously, refusing to say 'die' it's fighting back! The campaign strategy by Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, is attempting to capture attention of the internet savvy, the YouTube-oogling generation, who are struggling to spell correctly as texting shorthand and spell checker takes over.

This campaign is viral and dynamic, reinforced with indie/electro/ pop music accompanied by witty and clever lyrics and powered by provocative and raw, hand doodle animation. It was love at first sight. Very clever. Try and catch the words, follow it if you can. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Title: YOGA

Title: SUMO

Advertiser/Client: MATTEL
Product/Service: SCRABBLE
Agency: OGILVY & MATHER, Paris
Chris Garbutt Executive: Creative Director Ogilvy and Mather
Arnaud Vanhelle: Copy Writer Ogilvy and Mather
Benjamin Bregeault: Copy Writer Ogilvy and Mather
Mihnea Gheorghiu: Copy Writer
Antoaneta Metchanova: Art Director Ogilvy and Mather
Alex Daff: Art Director
Najin Ha: Art Director Ogilvy and Mather
Benoit de Fleurian: Managing Director Ogilvy and Mather
Marie-Charlotte Lafront: Group Director Ogilvy and Mather
Herve Parizot: President Mattel
Arnaud Roland Gosselin: Marketing Director Mattel

I'm so excited!

The world will never be the same again from today... I will write on this later but one word, "Google" and the wave that will revolutionalise work productivity and communications is about to hit, and I'm super excited! Watch if you want to know more!

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'Creative', We've killed it.

Haven't had the time as usual to plan my blogs, still trying to find a management style that suites me. As usual I'm still very fascinated by everything except chemistry. In all this time, I've been gathering and bookmarking interesting websites and articles, waiting for the chance to discuss them on here when Uni work comes to a final conclusion.

I've recent developed a uncontrollable mind vomit in reaction to the word 'creative'... weird right? It's nauseating! You would think as a designer I should wear this badge proudly, but right now I can't. I'm risking looking like the
try-hard, facade-wearing and 'have no idea what's happening' people that's out there. To be honest, I'm even sure if I'm creative, maybe I'm one of them.

What is creative? Putting together the old and the new ? Being so postmodern to the point no one understand your logic? Keeping up with the fashion and trends? Accepting and digesting what is deemed as 'new', fed to you by the media? Being yourself? or.. Just saying the word?

Creativity is so precious. But for marketing and self-promoting purposes, brands, companies, agencies and even educational institutions have tarnished the magic and the genius that makes the word what it is. Hiding behind their advertising campaigns, sits boardrooms full of suits who are as conservative as ever. And other times, it is managers and directors who have simply lost touch with the ever changing social structure and culture that have emerged from globalisation and technology. This word is now soulless, just an empty shell, a tag dangling off some brand. The true original thinkers are powerless to rescue and restore the word to its true and magnificent self.

It's time to think of another word to replace 'creative' because we've just killed it.

Anyway, that was just a depressing thought, now for something to cheer us up! I've recent read three inspiring books.

1. 'Loosing my Virginity' by Richard Branson.
2. 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be' by Paul Arden (Thanks to Camile for giving me the book).
3. 'Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind' by Al Ries and Jack Trout.

I've found all three books to be so valuable for a buding marketer like me. Inspiring and practical to say the least. It is the spirit of an entrepreneur whose passion and optimism has kept me up at night and gripping on to his every word. The wise words of advice from Paul Arden, is applicable to life and advertising not to mention the beautiful typographic execution accompanied by giggle-evoking imagery. And the life-altering book of our times that highlights the importance to recognise human nature and thinking in marketing.

In a month, I have to say I've grown up a little more. Now to video of the day, good old Branson and Virgin. By the congrats to him and the launch of V Australia!

Back From Melbourne

Mel. bou. rne. What a freak city...

St. Kilda apparently it is where all the rainbows come out and live, a point in the 'Pink Triangle'...should migrate here.

@ Docklands: Jelly fishes in the sea. Lots of AFL fans. Fat kids with ice cream. Buildings that is the brand = IMC anyone?

Camouflage for a Restaurant?... I wonder if they'd ever get sick of people taking photos of their front door but not actually walk in and dine. That'd suck. *Hopes up... down again, false alarm! just a couple of artsy-fartsies.*

A couple of business guys standing in a back alley way, smoking, I promised them this won't be published, but look at it! ... They're so out of place right? The suit, smoking, graffiti and ethnic diversity, way too eclectic, they could be the pin-up boys of Melbourne's next tourism ad campaign - 'We are the U.N of everything. Everything? Everything.'

(North Melbourne+ playing with camera + that's Andy, who had to put up with me. ha! )

Yes, this crazy city is all it's cracked up to be. I loved it. I took lots of picture of street corners, for some reason I found them to be fascinating. In the period just short of a week, I've developed a habit of a Cappuccino by mid-morning, beer in the afternoon and another at dinner.

I'm sure many of you know Melbourne's tourism campaign slogan - 'Loose Yourself', all I can say can TRY, because it is perfectly laid out. Unless you're map-illiterate then maybe the campaign will work on you. Who ever the city planner is, must had O.C.D with an obvious fascination with rectangles, you'd think a triangle may tip him over the edge.

May do a post about some art stuff next...

Human. Language.

I was searching for something meaningful today, and I found two people. Two very different lives, so brave and honest.

Please have patience with this one, I promise you will be rewarded.

I loved how she wondered and interacted with her environment, it is so simple and so pure. Of course, we are ignorant. It got me wondering about my own language... what is it? I remember what it felt like the first time rain slapped-landed on my skin as tyres flicked and rustled against the wet road and the smell of a fresh-lit cigarette, its smoke so new. All I wanted was to inhale more, to figure it out, carve it into my memories, even though it was suffocating. To this day, these are the only reminance of a dear father to me. They are not words, not pictures but something entirely in a dimension of its own.

Recently, I have been paying alot of attention on how people learn, think and make sense of the world around them. I found thinking is never a stream of consciousness but leaps and exchanges between senses and fleeting images captured in our everyday. I also found that too often people seek salvation in established 'norms' and 'common sense' to avoid the strange looks of examination and criticism.We are ignoring the possibilities by accepting what is, as is. Without giving our own curiosities a chance, we extinguished it immediately. It seems so contridictory. In marketing and branding, all anyone ever wanted was 'individuality', 'uniqueness' and 'originality', when really they're terrified of its true experience. These words have been abused.

Click 'Play' please. I tried deciphering the hidden message, what I discovered was art beyond question of purpose. Enjoy.

...Human is not a condition but people are.

Looking for Geeky-Coolness in a Corporate World

ok. So I have not had the time nor ideas to to continue my posts in the last 2 months. I admit that, and I apologize. The thing is I was failing to recognize what I wanted to cover most. It seems my life and the copious amount of media and information which I consume on a daily basis is a great starting point.

So... I will be reporting on that and also my strange life.

Today, I've been trolling through a few I.T blogs and websites such as TechCrunch, Filtered Media, AustralianIT and etc. in search of service- based organizations that have successfully used I.T to deliver their core and value-adding services. It's for a presentation and I am super curious anyway, so it's fun for me. (not many people can say that about their assignments)

I know there are numerous businesses out there where I.T is an integral part of their operation structure, but how many of them really and completely emerse themselves in it? Most it's just the usual - as long as files can be shared on FTP and emails can be sent, it's all good. But I'm on a mission to find the geeky service company that not only has their internal systems figured out, but also their ways of interaction and communication with customers and staff.

The truth is, the markets are only going to get more competitive, fragemented and well-informed. Relationships are going to matter than ever. I want wikis, Facebook, forums and Twitter- savvy, geeky coolness that is not the typical google, yahoo etc. I'm thinking something along the lines of a KFC store somewhere in a city, twittering customers about the freshly fried chicken wings that just came out of the deep frier two minutes ago, so come get it... You know what I mean? I can only dream...

I found this:

As an 'ad-nut', I was amused. It's another implication brought on by information technology and how it empowers consumers. Consumers today are ever-changing, in opinion, buying behaviour, information search and totally relentless in unleashing their disatisfaction on every channel they could possibly find to ensure the business is punished. Danger I say.. danger for all.

Stimulate This!

I spent the entire day with my ears tuned to the radio frequency broadcasting the live Senate hearing. At the centre of heated debates is the Rudd government’s $42 billion stimulus package (SP). The entire Labour party sang in tune, supporting the PM’s latest economic-crisis antidote and repeated their slogan of the week: ‘support jobs’ relentlessly. On the hand, the Coalition had a field day, deeming today as a perfect opportunity to show-off their sentence re-arrangement skills and threw tantrums like a bunch of five year-old kids during Question Time. One things for sure, what an eye-opener to Australian politics!

Despite the drama and metronome-like boom of ‘Order! Order! *insert name* please remain seated’, the two sides did have valid points. I’m here to summarise what one was able to retain and of course poke fun at the a few comments that were made.

Main Points

1. High emphasis on debt that will eventuate from the SP and repeatedly played the ‘think of the children’ card by Coalition.

Umm.. hello?! Would you rather [option A]: job losses, malnourished industry sectors and record-breaking cues at Centre Link claiming unemployment support. Thus putting enormous pressure on Government social security spending leading to low budget deficit in short term and no swinging punch when the crisis blows over. Then we can all dive into a deep, deep deficit. OR [option B] sustained employment and possibly job-creation, upgrade of education and nation infrastructure and risk running a deficit for the next two to five years and come out of crisis with at least an engine running?

2. A valid point was made (surprised? So was I!) — SP needs to consider injection into Health System and Government agencies in order to keep alive small business, which rely upon them. The late payments have resulted in lack of cash-flow, rendering whatever supporting Government incentive useless because zero dollars could be committed to take advantage of it.

3. Accusation filled with weak shots such as ‘Labour’s budget deficit’ were repeated constantly. The economic crisis was not a result of irresponsible Government behaviour but rather consequences of naughty finance and banking cowboys, majority in the US, EU and UK and domino collapses of once-solid institutions. The nation is taking hits from all over. The projected surplus evolving into a deficit should not be a surprise to the well-educated Senators that fill those big chairs because we are part of a connected global, free trade economy. If they are down then so are we!

Coalition need to accept they have run out crowd-pleasers and have sank to the level of pure politics and debating for the sake of showing Australia they have a fully-functioning mouth and voice box. I understand propositions need to be scrutinised but unless they have a better idea then we should just all get on with it.

Biff of the Day: was no doubt with Senator Coonan (Liberal, NSW). It was her mission to be as ‘wordy’ as she possibly could and just a pain. She has an impressive C.V. though. I was all :O

For a peak at the SP
A Fair Comment
Add K.Rudd on Twitter

Waking Up to Obama

I was awake this morning at 3am listening to ABC Radio, to bare 'listener' to quite possibly the most important and monumental historical event of this century. The inauguration speech delivered by President Obama was nothing short of inspirational. Yes indeed, change has finally arrived. This day has definitely put all the other 'new' days to shame for me. Already, I feel the dramatic difference.

These are as follows:

- A sweet cocktail of hope, pride and excitement for the possibilities replaced the distasteful health-kick, veg & fruit, 'vomit-juice' I chug down every morning.

- The decision to stay angry at a certain someone, now seems childish and immature.

- New year resolution of being more adventurous is answered by a message sent by a fellow couchsurfer asking to crash on my couch for a few days.


- My obsession with American politics, culture and info-tainment has just exploded to new heights.

On a serious note though, I love Obama! Even though the road ahead makes Mt Everest look like a walk in the park, the installment of a new world leader with such brilliant caliber, gives me faith.