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Heart then Pocket - When Advertising holds your Emotion Hostage

I've been contemplating why I post TV ads up and not print, or outdoor? Then, I stumble upon this ad and I realised, nothing can ever replace TV ads and this is one of the reasons why. (Don't get me wrong, there are some print ads I like, I'll post them later).

Nothing can tell a story better than motion pictures - the speed of which the camera moves and zoom to focus; the clever transition; the music setting the mood; the furniture describing an era and the short period of time that we get to spend with the character commands our attention and hooks in our intrigue. The one minute and 30 seconds of footage of a lifetime behaves just like the way we see the everyday - in movements, rhythm and objects that subtly connects us with a familiar moment and subsequently a set of emotions.

We know that when humans are emotionally influenced, our memory either solidifies the experience into an inescapable reminder or completely fails and blanks out. In this case they've got us where they want us, emotionally wrenched. The result is...

Mumbrella: Created by UK agency Adam & Eve for department store John Lewis, the retailer says that the ad – which features a reworking of Billy Joel’s Always A Woman To Me soundtracking a woman’s life story – has resulted in an astonishing 39.7% leap in sales.

Get their hearts then their pockets. (haha)

Putting that aside, you know I only post good stuff on here. This ad worth sharing simply because of its beauty, heartfelt storytelling and where it transports the viewer. A life we've never lived yet it is so familiar. We all grow up, live, love, and grow old - a fact that no one can escape from. An ad with something that half of the population can relate to and executed well.

The quote that comes to mind when I watch is 'life is flicker between two great silences' - ahh citing this always puts me into an urgent rush to get things done, cherish the tiniest details and appreciate every breath. Who knew advertising can get so zen.

Anyway, enjoy this find. Until next time.