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When A Brand Grows Balls

I guess this has set standard for commercial projections for brands in the future.

Everyone knows that creative agencies didn't come up with the idea of 'building projections'... it's the guerilla street artists. It always kind of bothers me that a medium such as this is used commercially. Knowing that in the first place it's all about making a statement and sticking the finger up in the air. I hope brands that use this medium will take on a bit of that rebellious DNA - edgey, brave, design to raise eyebrows and entertain.

This projection has certainly carry some of that spirit through. No judgement, I'm just a bit impressed

On a separate note, a brand that is usually associated with prestige, too out of reach and somewhat a bit of a wank… has just repositioned itself to appeal and ‘fun’. It’s a 180 for a bulky brand with an engraved image. This is the thing, kudos to BMW for having the balls to try something different to ‘traditional’ (let’s go nuts with slapping our logo and photos on every printable surface possible). And look at this video I just embedded, somewhat this great idea has disseminated with little effort… damn! Love it.